COWI diversity policy

COWI views diversity as a competitive advantage that helps us achieve results for our customers and COWI.

To meet our objectives, we will:

  • Aim to have a diverse workforce including management that mirrors the diversity in our business and markets.
  • Give equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, nationality, ethnic and social origin, disability, political and sexual orientation.
  • Ensure that our employment and recruitment practise adhere to local legislation, where we work in the World.
  • Continuously improve equal opportunities in our employment and recruitment practises
  • Work towards creating a culture of tolerance and appreciation of differences.


Any given management forum shall reflect the diversity of the underlying organization.

  • At least 2 out of the 6 general assembly selected board members (i.e. excluding employee representatives) are to be from the underrepresented gender.
  • The share of female managers must reflect the number of female employees (28%, 2020)
  • This target is pursued on both business line and business unit level

The policy includes all COWI entities and subsidiaries.

  • COWI will develop actions to achieve goals and report annually according to legislation.


  • We will integrate diversity into the yearly People Review process (talent pipeline and succession planning)

  • We will ensure diversity in leadership training and coming talent programme

  • We will set targets for female representation at leadership levels for the organisation

  • We will propose a plan for 2 female general assembly selected board members to the COWI Foundation
  • We will revise recruitment processes to eliminate barriers to diversity and enhance our focus on gender equation in management

  • We will include the requirement for diversity in framework contracts with search and head-hunter agencies
  • We will introduce nationality, educational, age and gender into the People Reporting done on a bi-annual basis

  • We will continue to report as required by UN Global Compact