With the climate crisis, the need for dramatic and thoroughgoing action for the benefit of coming generations has become evident. At COWI, we offer solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time. That is why we are committed to meeting customers’ and society’s demand by shaping a sustainable and liveable world.

If we succeed, we can grow our business and make a significant difference in the world – together with our customers and partners.

To inspire and guide us in the coming years, we have formulated a vision and a set of values; and to develop our company and seize the numerous market opportunities, we have developed COWI's new strategy.

It is called FUTURE-NOW, because if we, as society and as a company, want to survive and thrive in the future, we must act today; and because in our work with the strategy, we have taken our starting point in the future: What will it look like and what does that mean for us now?

our playing field

To meet customer demands and move towards our aspiration, we have chosen where to focus our efforts. The choices are made based on our current and potential strengths and market positions:

  • We will work with and for key customers with multiple projects, a long-term perspective and compatible ethics.

  • We deliver studies and concept design, design development, planning/permissions, final and detailed design, construction management, PMC services and asset management.

  • We operate within: urban development, energy, industry, buildings, transportation, environment, climate adaptation and water.

  • We focus on Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden), the UK and North America. For key customers, we will take on projects outside these countries.

  • We will continue to use a key account approach and co-creation with partners when we complement each other’s capabilities. 

Sustainability is at the heart of COWI's new vision and strategy. With our extended expertise within sustainability, we have a special responsibility to accelerate the green transition, which is also the biggest growth opportunity in COWI history. We need to be ready to seize the green projects and support our customers in the green transition. This also means that we are exiting all fossil fuel projects, even if it is a lucrative business.

Instead, COWI will allocate all resources to projects that move our customers towards sustainability. The ambition is clear. Within approximately three to five years, 100 per cent of our revenue must come from projects that support the drive towards sustainability.


We have selected four market segments that are attractive, that fit our vision and competencies, and where we have the potential to be leaders given our sustainable solutions.


Renewable energy is replacing fossil fuels as a vital element in limiting climate change. Furthermore, the energy sector is a crucial factor for the green transition of all parts of our societies because of its potential to couple sectors by the flow of energy. Our customers face massive challenges in bringing their ambitions to life.


There is a growing demand for more sustainable infrastructure and transportation. In addition, customers request new materials, designs and digital solutions to the benefit of the end users. Sometimes by building less, but better.


Buildings frame all parts of our lives. How buildings are shaped influences how we experience a home, a place of work or a hospital. The layout of urban areas affects how we live together and commute between important locations in our lives. 

The impact of buildings goes further as the design choices offer opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. Customers are looking for such options, and we can support them in transforming their aspirations into realities.


Water is fundamental for life and must be used and re-used with care. Despite massive efforts, global warming continues and changes weather patterns as well as sea levels.

We must adapt to climate change in many dimensions. COWI has significant experience in handling these challenges, and we strive to support our customers in their quest.

investing heavily in our people and business

COWI is a people business and people are our key differentiator.

In order to succeed, we will:

  • Maintain deep technical insight and skills as well as project management focus
  • Cultivate a diverse workforce
  • Continue to invest in training and development.

We will also be investing heavily in new green technologies and digital solutions to battle climate changes. In addition, we are actively looking for partnerships, among other things with start-ups which, when combined with our expertise, can bring forward solutions that make the world more sustainable and make COWI a partner of choice.

why cowi?

At COWI, we will set ourselves apart by continuing to develop our workplace to stay and become even more competitive, both in terms of ‘hard’ factors, but probably even more when it comes to the ‘softer’ factors: sense of community, development opportunities, flexibility, work place etc.

Our efforts will revolve around three promises that we are committed to delivering on:

We are purpose-driven in COWI: Together, we shape a sustainable and liveable world. This is the common thread in all we do – and we want to attract and retain talents that share our vision. 

With our customers we have significant influence on the development of society and the long-term well-being of people and planet.

This is a strong incentive for the type of talent that we want to attract and retain.

We believe well-being promotes performance, and performance promotes well-being. That is why we want COWI to be the most collaborative and friendly work place among our peers. We will actively encourage and support diversity, community and having fun with colleagues.

In line with our values, we want to create room for strong individuals and achievers, but not for solo players who want to succeed at the expense of others.

We will utilise the fact that we are engaged by bold customers with some of the most demanding engineering and architectural projects in the world; that we have colleagues with world-class competencies; and that we have a broad disciplinary and geographical reach.

We will ensure that employees experience flexibility, excellent training opportunities, a strong feedback and development culture, and active encouragement from their leaders to expand their personal and professional skills and potential, regardless of age or seniority.